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February 2020 suspected outbreak


The ZombieClock recently centered on a suspected outbreak in North America. As usual the science of the clock pinpointed us to the location of this potential outbreak with pinpoint accuracy. Our team of 10 was on the ground within 1 hour of the clocks countdown. This was a strange situation. Our team immediately encountered large amounts of discarded Buckfast bottles, as we well know Buckfast consumption is highly correlated with superBOB infection, which can in turn lead to zombiefication. Our team find is equally concerning that this substance is now available in North America. Distrubtion of this "beverage" is already strictly prohibited due to the high risk of superBOB contamination, how did it get here?

Immediately after landing our team isolated and contained the entire town. Luckily the area was fairly isolated and this was achieved fairly easily and with minimal loss of life. The usual government intervention in these situations means that an immediate media blackout was in effect (of course, we cannot be included in this due to the ultra secure nature of our organisation). You can verify this by attempting to find news on the subject; it has been completely removed.

After several days of non stop interrogation of the towns inhabitants we have determined that there is no outbreak here. However we feel the world as a whole was extremely lucky we arrived when we did, this much Buckfast in one place will almost certainly lead to a large scale zombie outbreak. If we had not intervened when we did, the consequences could have been disasterous.

On the subject of the source of this Buckfast, we were pointed in the direction of a single individual who had acquired and consumed all of the Buckfast we located. Initial interrogation yielded no information; the invididual was incoherent and already showing the early signs of superBOB zombification. Naturally we contained this individual and transported him to our facility for further study.

Due to the inconvienience to the innocent townsfolk, we have made the decision to not reveal the exact location of these events. Their lives have been impacted enough.