Zombie Clock Restricted Updates & Archive

This is a RESTRICTED area. If you do not have appropriate clearance please leave immediately

This area is for the distribution of classified and restricted information before it is made available to the general public on the rest of the website. To access this information, please enter your cypher key as it corrosponds to the currently locked decryption key. Scroll down the page for further instructions.

During a suspected outbreak, the latest scientific learnings are only available to authorised users unless this is declassified at a later date

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Decryption Key


How ZombieClock Hyper Dynamic Multifactorial Encyption works (HDME)

HDME is a cutting edge standard of encrypting sensitive information on the open web completely seperate to any other peer to peer or secure socket layer encryption that exists on your actual browser itself. This method is designed to let authorised users and only authorised users access to the most sensitive and up to date zombie clock information while keeping this information hidden from the general public.

A key feature of HDME is that it is crackable, but only by authorised individuals. Working out a working key combination is possible, but only if you have the knowledge to do this. Only an authorised indivdual would have the knowledge available to do this. If you are an authorised user, scroll down for more details on gaining access.

Non authorised users

If you are a non authorised user and you desire access, please contact one of the zombieclock team stating why you require access. In certain cases a temporary key may be issued. You can generally contact the team within the Zombieclock official forum.

Otherwise, we will declassify information as it comes relevant to the general public, please keep an eye out for updates and remember to spread the word about the awe inspiring science we are working on and the amazing discoveries our team makes on a near daily basis.

Authorised users

If you are an authorised user, simply enter your master cypher key. After a period of time for decyption to take place you will have access to whatever areas of the website your clearance level allows.

If you have lost your master cypher key

This is unfortunate and you are a fool, however we understand. HDME has been designed with this eventuality in mind. In this case you must use your specialised training to crack the HDME interface and recover your master cypher key.


To begin the cracking process, simply consult the DECRYPTION TABLE below and compare this to the currently generated decryption key. The decryption key will update every 10 seconds for security. This is a key feature of HDME and what makes this process so much more secure than traditional encryption methods. Be advised the DECRYPTION TABLE will reguarly change as an additional security measure.



Key Value
A 2
B 5
C 7
D 2
E 2
F 2
G 1
H 2
I 3
J 9
K 8
L 0
Key Value
M 2
N 3
O 7
P 9
Q 3
R 5
S 2
T 1
U 0
V 6
W 0
X 1
Y 4
Z 5
- 9

Further questions

Please contact one of the team using the normal secure channels or access the public forum.